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Contech offers scales for health management, gyms and hospitals. These economy products are battery powered, compact, portable, attractive and convenient for usage.

ADULT SCALES ( 10g to 150Kg ) Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

* Toughened glass top.
* Waterproof, can be used in bathroom.
* Battery operated.
* Battery power saving by switching off Display while no weight on the scale.
* Large LCD display.


Models BS-150K100
Capacity 150kg
Readability 100g
Pan Size 300 mm dia

ADULT SCALES ( 10g to 150Kg ) Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

* Retractable metal rod for height measurement.
* Rugged construction suitable for school, gym, sports.
* Stainless Steel Pan.
* LED Display.
* Battery backup.
* Storage of weights in memory upto 100 weights.
* Rs232 interface for computer & printer.
* Multiple weighing units Gram, Kilo gram, pound.


Models CP-150K10
Capacity 150kg
Readability 10g
Pan Size 300x300 mm

KITCHEN SCALES ( 0.1g to 5Kg )

* Compact design.
* Easy carrying option.
* Battery powered.
* LCD display.
* Optional power eliminator.


Models CTB-601 CTB-5K1
Capacity 600g 5kg
Readability 0.1g 1g
Pan Size (mm) 150x150 150x150


* Overload and shock load protection.
* Bright LED display.
* Large Pan Size.
* Pan Electrically Insulated from the scale for safety.
* Optional battery backup.
* Display hold facility.


Models CT-20K5
Capacity 20Kg
Readability 5g
Pan Size (mm) 450 x 260

Taring Range : Up to full capacity
Response time : 3-5  secs
Power Req : 90-250V, 50/60Hz, 10 Watt
Operating Temperature : 10 to 45 deg C